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If you've registered but are not able to access MTDaily:

If you have forgotten your passwords, please go to the Lost Password page here.

Be sure to use correct capitalization of your username and password.

If your username and password are correct and you still can't get in, try clearing out your history, cache, temporary internet files, and cookies. Don't do this using automatic buttons but manually go to the folders, select all, and delete. Then restart your computer. It may ask you for your username and password several (2-3) times before it will work. Don't allow the autocomplete feature to fill the fields in for you until you get in. Delete any information in the data boxes and input the information fresh.

If you use Internet Explorer, use your Tools menu to view your Internet Options. Select the tab called Security. Then click on Trusted Sites. Add MTDaily.com to your list of trusted sites.

Here's another solution someone wrote in: "I went to "tools," "internet options," "security tab," "custom level," scroll all the way down to "logon." It was set on anonymous logon. I changed it to "automatic logon only in intranet zone." That fixed it." Please email lora@mtdaily.com if you still can't access MTDaily.



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