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Want your ad to stay on the top of the list for one week? For just $40 total, your classified ad can be in the premier position at the top of the MT Classified page. For the General Classified page, $25 total buys the spot. After that week, your ad will move down the list at the usual rate for the rest of the two-month subscription. If someone else has already bought the top for the week, your ad will move down the list at the regular rate and then it will then be bumped to the top for its featured run. For details or to apply, email lora@mtdaily.com

July 5, 2001, Cheryl NV wrote:
"I want to thank you for providing such an economical and profitable way to advertise our product. The Featured Ad always brings inquiries within the hour of appearing and definitely helps to increase the sales of my book when my 2-month ad has rolled down to 40+ on the page. The classified board is a busy place and now I understand why -- it works!"

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