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Before you can post on any message board or search any content, you'll need to register your subscription and choose a username and password. All but the "Free Stuff" requires registration to participate. This keeps the boards secure, courteous, and free of trolls and spam.

I want to sign up but I'm not sure what to do.

You can go through the subscription process by clicking here. By subscribing to MTDaily, you agree to the terms of our Subscription Agreement. You can also read this on the subscription form.

What kind of memberships are available?

1. One-month subscription for $5.99. JUST LOWERED! Now $3.00!
2. A six-month subscription for $26.00. JUST LOWERED! Now $5.00
3. One-year subscription for $48.00. JUST LOWERED! Now $7.00
Due to the current global economy situation, we at MTDaily have become concerned about the cost to MTs of MTDaily. For a limited time, we have dropped the prices on our subscriptions to reflect this. Take advantage now!

Please note, none of these subscriptions are automatically renewed. You must renew them yourself. Membership includes access to every part of MTDaily for one person, including the Word board search engines. Please do not allow another person to use your passwords.

How do I pay?

When you register, you will be given the choice to pay immediately by credit card, and you will have immediate access. Or you can choose to pay later by check, but then your account will be activated when your check arrives. We will write you email when we activate it.

How do I update or cancel my subscription?

You can change your email, address, or other information, and cancel or renew your existing subscription by emailing MTDaily at lora@mtdaily.com. Cancelled subscriptions are NOT refunded; you will continue to have access to your subscription until the time you've already paid for runs out. If we write you that we are cancelling your subscription for violation of the Service Agreement including the guidelines, which simply require basic courtesy and kindness, you will not be given a refund or access to MTDaily.com.

What if I am not able to access MTDaily.com or forget my passwords?

If you forget your passwords, please use the forgotten password form here.
If you have problems signing on, please doublecheck your subscription information. We find that 75% of the problems are occurring when wrong information is entered. The system is case sensitive so be sure you write it down exactly.

If your username and password are correct and you still can't get in, try clearing out your history, cache, temporary internet files, and cookies. Don't do this using automatic buttons but manually go to the folders, select all, and delete. Then restart your computer. It may ask you to put the info in several times and then work. Don't allow the autocomplete feature until you get in. Delete any info in the data boxes and input the information fresh. Please email lora@mtdaily.com if you still can't access MTDaily.

How do I renew my subscription?

Clicking here will take you to your user control panel where you can renew. If you have registered, login and go to your control panel. You can choose from the subscriptions offered there. Problems? Email Lora Payne at lora@mtdaily.com.



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