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STATE OF THE MT INDUSTRY: A Report to Investors
By Bruce Simpson, BS3@wmblair.com, William Blair and Company
(reprinted with permission)

SIZE: The transcription industry is a unique corner of heatlh care delivery. A friend of mine likens it to the travel agency business, where you get paid little amounts, maybe $20 or $50 per service, on enormous volume. Also like the travel agency, it HAS to be right - you expect it to be right all the time, and when there's an error, it causes a lot of problems. This industry traditionally has been relatively backwards technologically in comparison to some other pieces of health care service - such as health care IT vendors, med tech, or pharma. Also, it has been fragmented enough that collecting information on its size has always proved to be quite difficult. In general, industry sources point to an estimate from a few years ago that the transcription industry is a $6 billion marketplace, but there is precious little independent substantiation and documentation to support that, or to provide further detail about industry composition or trends.

The Medical Transcription Industry Allliance, MTIA, has commissioned an independent study by a survey firm to measure some of these data points. The survey involves 1000 computer-aided phone interviews to health care providers, such as hospitals, clinics, and doctors' offices. That survey is still being performed, the data scrubbed and verified. However, we took a sneak peak at the findings. The highest profile data point likely to emerge from the survey is that the industry is somewhere between $8 billion and $15 billion today. This range will be tightened up as the survey is finalized. However, even taking the lower boundary is a positive confirmation on the size of this industry. We suspect that this survey will likely become the standard to which all research analysts will point, akin to the Forrester or IDC estimates in the B2B space.

The rough cut of data suggests that 53% of recipients said that their transcription is performed only internally (i.e.not outsourced), 24% use both internal and external sources for transcription, 18% use only external, and 5% do their transcription via handwritten notes. The early look at client satisfaction data is a mixed bag; for example, turnaround time was cited both as a reason to outsource and as a reason to keep the transcription inhouse. There is some further detail about industry composition, most of which is best left to be examined after the survey has been scrubbed. The biggest surprise to this analyst was the early suggestion that only 19% of the transcription dollars being spent come from hospitals; my guess is that further data scrubbing and data points will suggest that hospitals play a larger share than that. If that figure holds up, it suggests that the outpatient transcription market is even bigger than we had estimated, and a huge greenfield for those companies, like MedQuist, which now focus on the hospital market.

TRENDS: Big technology is finding the medical transcription industry. Some of the tech megatrends which will be shaping the competitive dynamics of this niche include Internet file movement, digital voice capture, speech recogntion, XML tagging of data for indexing and retrieval, wireless (WAP/WML) devices, and structured input of data. But the trend with the most immediacy and impact, in our view, is the shift to an Application Service Provider (ASP) model of business within this industry. There are at least four business models moving into this space, including MedQuist's own MedQuist.net. In its essence, the ASP concept is a lot like renting, rather than buying, technology. ASPs deliver the hardware and software necessary to perform transcription, delivered over the Internet or VPN. By paying per usage on a per line or per month basis, ASP clients can cut out the capital expenditures necessary to acquire this technology themselves. Another benefit particular to this industry is the impact it has on telco costs (virtually obviating them), as voice files are delivered via Internet rather than traditional telco lines (of course, users still have to pay for Internet access). Some negatives of ASPs include the lack of control, and the faith needed to turn over the keys to your ASP, i.e. their reliability. Also, there are some very interesting channel conflict issues with respect to a pure ASP model, that come from the ability to provide ASP services to either a healthcare provider or a transcription service itself.

The ASP model, in our view, is a logical culmination of a vision which is becoming increasingly shared in this industry. That vision springs from transcriptionists in the business of being a part of the value chain of doctor's thoughts. Where once transcription was self-defined as essentially just putting those thoughts on paper, we think that players are moving more towards a vision where data and voice are one, and that data needs various things done to it, such as file capture and movement, uploading, transcription, data searching/mining and analysis, file delivery via various modes (fax, print, direct file upload to an HIS system, email). As evidence, take a look at L&H: that software company has purchased a (primarily) hardware company (Dictaphone) and a transcription service company (Omnimed) and will attempt to forge that together into an integrated service offering. MedQuist, on the other hand, are the kings of transcription. By employing an ASP model in MedQuist.net, they are attempting to package together all that an MD needs in her office to move her thoughts to a data stream. Specifically, by logging onto the Internet, she has provided to her the ability to dictate, receive transcribed files in a storable and searchable format, and have that record of treatment automatically coded for submission to a payer (this from the purchases of A Life Medical and MDE). Because of the ubiquity of PCs, the Internet, and telephones, the time is ripe for ASP-style delivery of software and services. Speech Machines is another interesting nascent player in this space, with an optional speech recognition module.

Speaking of speech recognition, though it is progressing, it's still a good ways off from revolutionizing this industry. At the MTIA conference, we heard speakers maintaining that 80% reliability is the fulcrum which gives labor savings. That is, at that point, medical transcriptionists are better off correcting the mistakes (i.e., they have been converted to 'medical editors') than transcribing the document from scratch. We believe that fulcrum probably requires reliability a good bit higher than that to be worth the trouble. Companies with interesting speech recognition software to watch include Philips, L&H/Dragon, and IBM. An interesting possible integration of speech recognition to transcription providers is by allowing ongoing 'training' of the software off-line as the MT transcribes the file as she currently does. That is, the transcription provider is building a database of voice files from which the speech rec software 'learns' the dictator's voice; this is an iterative process and the transcription service provider can "switch on" the speech rec as it crosses the labor saving threshhold. We think that a critical factor in the acceptance/development of speech recognition is the ability to accurately recognize files over twisted pair. We hear different theories on where the technology is in respect to this.

IMPACT: These tech trends will be ongoing over the next several years, of course, as technology is a means rather than an end. How do we assess the impact of these megatrends on the transcription industry? On the one hand, one can make an argument that increasingly sophisticated technology accelerates consolidation in this industry, as the small players can no longer afford to keep competitive. On the other hand, one could argue that the ASP model levels the playing field by allowing smaller competitors cheaper access to technology on a 'rented' basis, and that the transcriptionists themselves will be more mobile in their employment, where signing up with a new transcription vendor is just a click away.


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Sung to the tune of John Denver's
"Thank God I'm a Country Boy"
by Scribus Medicus, ScribusMedicus@aol.com
reprinted with permission from the MedQuist MTs' Board

Well, life as an MT is seldom laid back,
Ain't nothin tho a little persistence can't hack,
Workin through the night when everyone else sacks,
Life's tough for an MT!

Risin in the early mornin hours before dawn,
I'm feelin pretty good, but then I'm suddenly forlorn,
Cuz all the nice and easy jobs are suddenly gone,
Why can't work be cherry-free?

Well, I must admit I don't get my pick of the litter,
But it doesn't serve me any purpose to be bitter,
I just bite down harder, I ain't no quitter!
"Quit" is not in my vocabulary!

Now to all those cherry pickers: Lawdy you got nerve!
I'll play the game right, and from this I'll never swerve,
I just hope someday, you get what you deserve,
Wish we all were cherry-free!

I try to have an attitude of "Yes, can do!"
Sometimes its hard when cherry pickin's happenin to you,
But in the end, hang in there, cuz benefits come through,
Can't we all be cherry-free?

Cuz if you do unto others, as you probably well know,
That a person usually reaps exactly what they sow,
If you take the easy path, then you'll never, ever grow,
Wish we all were cherry-free!

It may not be all roses, the path that is correct,
But in fairness to the others, do the job that comes up next,
What you get in return's knowledge and a little self-respect,
Let's all stay cherry-free!

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1. Help us gather new terms and research them at http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/whatsnew

More added daily. Here's a few from the list: Ushercell, Provigil, Diacol, Gengraf, Aflexa, L-Vax, Avemar, Lagovirus, VATRE. Alphabetical cumulative list at http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/whatsnew/list.txt

2. Eggs pasturized to kill Salmonella: http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/05-16-2000/0001220099&EDATE=

3. Blueberries high in antioxidants: http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/05-16-2000/0001219873&EDATE=

4. Asthsma epidemic: http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/05-16-2000/0001219683&EDATE=

5. Touchpoints Asthma Management Program: http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/05-16-2000/0001219486&EDATE=

6. Privacy commission proposed: http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/05-16-2000/0001219491&EDATE=

7. Flat-rate long distance that works with Lanier: http://www.fixedrate-longdistance.com/members/14457/

8. What business can learn from the Marines: http://www.forbes.com/asap/00/0529/201.htm#top

9. Exercises to flatten your stomach: http://www.prevention.com/report/bellyflat/?e54

10. Ten toughest information technology challenges for healthcare: http://www.advanceforhim.com/hicover.html

11. L&H on integrating MTs and SR: http://www.advanceforhim.com/hifeature2.html

12. Healthcare products with cancer-causing agents: http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/05-18-2000/0001221871&EDATE=

13. Protecting our privacy: http://townonline.koz.com/servlet/visit_ProcServ?DBPAGE=cge&GID=00001000010887059862929943&PG=01001000010896973444229799

14. VBS/loveletter computer virus: http://www.zdnet.com/zdhelp/stories/main/0,5594,2572365,00.html

15. Houston and LA have the most dog bites: http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/05-19-2000/0001223123&EDATE=

16. How to gain weight: http://onhealth.com/fitness/columnist/item,89759.asp

17. Gulf war Syndrome: http://onhealth.com/conditions/briefs/item,90700.asp

18. Female response to stress: tend and befriend, not fight or flight: http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/20000519/hl/stress_2.html

19. Male alcoholism in Russia: http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/20000519/hl/russia_men_1.html

20. MedQuist data mining software: http://www.medquist.com/products/added_value_datamining.htm

21. Data mining glossary: http://www.pilotsw.com/r_and_t/whtpaper/datamine/dmglos.htm

22. Data mining and privacy: http://www3.shore.net/~kht/text/dsstar/privacy.htm

23. Books on data mining: http://www3.shore.net/~kht/books.htm

24. What are public facts and what are private facts? http://www.philosophynews.com/whip/hce/ARCHIVED/hce200001.htm


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This week we've been giving gifts from our sponsors. Tomorrow will be the last day. Another free Smartype with Addon awaits the first MT to write me email upon receiving this newsletter, who uses WP51 for work. We also heard news this week of two U.S. MT companies selling a large part of their ownership to Dutch and Indian companies (see news releases linked below). These recent transactions between large U.S. MT companies and foreign corporations raise important questions. What decisions will be made by these foreign investors and owners that will affect U.S. MTs? Will they try to implement more speech recognition technology? Will they move to foreign MTs and U.S. editors? Will they place more or less value on qualified U.S. MTs and pay them accordingly?

Here are reasons I think we can hope for progress:

1. Foreign companies understand that they must secure the help of U.S. MTs because of our outstanding language, keyboarding, and service abilities. They know they must meet U.S. quality and legal standards or they will lose accounts. They know there is a shortage of MTs, and undercutting would increase that shortage. They know they are limited in how much of our work they can do, and they only produce about 300 lines per day.

2. Speech recognition trials have failed for narrative medical dictation, and because of this SR companies are buying MT companies so they can deliver swift and accurate transcripts their machines cannot yet produce, and may never produce.

3. Trained and experienced U.S. MTs are of greater worth than ever before because of the growth of medical language and the increase in the amount of dictation. We have better training and technology, and we can produce better documents faster than ever before. I believe the market will decide in our favor, and U.S. MTs will be rewarded with better pay.

Feel free to share your reasons for hope on the World Trade Board at http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/world. If you know of any editors of automatic-voice-to-text-produced transcripts, please let us know.


1. MedQuist selling 60% of stock to Philips of Holland: http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages15/8239.html

2. MedQuist and India: http://www.mtdaily.com/mtbycompany/messages4/3522.html

3. CBay's Skip Conover reponds to my questions: http://www.mtdaily.com/mtbycompany/messages4/3382.html

4. Are public stock-traded companies good to MTs? http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages15/8341.html

5. Failing speech recognition? http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages15/8385.html

6. Rodeer sells some branches to Lernout & Hauspie: http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages15/8891.html

7. Dealing with inconsistent QA: http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages15/7948.html

8. Counting lines in WP51: http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages15/7960.html

9. Switching to Word or staying in WP51? http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages15/7984.html

10. Finding local backup help: http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages15/8023.html

11. Pentium vs Celeron: http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages15/8199.html

12. Cheapest buy of Medical Phrase Index: http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages15/8449.html

13. MT Week gifts and gratefulness: http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages15/8468.html

14. Jury duty: http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages15/8579.html

15. Are you slow or fast? http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages15/8798.html

16. Send your bloopers to an author: http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages15/8777.html

17. Computer basics: http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages15/8754.html

18. Rerecording help: http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages15/8691.html

19. Dev's new website of links: http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages15/8659.html

20. Dual or dueling modems? http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/computers/messages/3584.html

21. Gladiolas: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/hobbies/messages/678.html

22. Rosebud's special son's graduation: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/mothers/messages2/103.html

23. Bickering kids: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/mothers/messages2/56.html

24. DaBuzz is back! http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/winners

25. NYPD and sign language: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/stories/messages/2303.html

26. Marcia, half-marathoner! http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/exercise/messages/357.html

27. Featured classified: 2 Dictaphone C-phones. Paid $600 each originally. Will sell for $400 each. See http://www.mtdaily.com/ads.html

28. Featured bargain: Stedman's Neurosurgery Words, $25. See http://www.mtdaily.com/bargains.html

29. Featured wanted: AAMT's Book of Style. See http://www.mtdaily.com/wanted.html


1. HealthScribe sells 60% of India subsidiary to Indian company: http://economictimes.com/250500/25comp08.htm

2. New terms daily at http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/whatsnew including Nuvance, Niroyal advance coronary Monorail stent, Resperate device, epRetract retracting stabilizer used with beating heart bypass, Axokine, Pelosi technique, Hemostatix thermal scalpel, Silver-Thera stocking to help circulation, etc.

3. QuickScript MT Week drawing still open: http://www.quickscript.com/contest.htm

4. How fast is your Internet connection? http://computingcentral.msn.com/topics/bandwidth/speedtest50.asp

5. Vaccination injuries: http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/05-26-2000/0001228987&EDATE=

6. Internet changing insurance: http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/05-25-2000/0001228811&EDATE=

7. Columbia/HCA improving after "Hall of Shame": http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/05-25-2000/0001228357&EDATE=

8. Calculate your social security: http://calculator.mysocialsecurity.org/cgi-bin/ncpa2/ncpacalcl.cgi

9. Flat-rate long distance with good quality: 1st Family: http://www.1stfamily.com/flatratelongdistance.htm
Telefreedom: http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages15/8547.html
Worldxchange: http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages15/8560.html

10. Music for healing: http://www.stanleyjordan.com/Healing/musictherapyobser.html

11. Ergonomics monitoring software: http://www.magnitude.com/products.html

12. Charts for the patient and family: http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/05-26-2000/0001229093&EDATE=

13. Health scams: http://www.quackwatch.com/00AboutQuackwatch/new.html

14. Salmonella warning to wash the outside of canteloupes: http://webmd.lycos.com/content/article/2791.132

15. Early tests for Alzheimer's: http://neuroscience.about.com/science/neuroscience/library/pr/blpr000523a.htm

16. Gene mutation in white women indicates greater risk of stroke: http://neuroscience.about.com/science/neuroscience/library/pr/blpr000522a.htm

17. Lidocaine for tinnitus: http://neuroscience.about.com/science/neuroscience/library/pr/blpr000519.htm

18. The angiogenesis story, new anticancer therapy: http://web.lexis-nexis.com/more/ahi/19497/5873367/1

19. England considering cloning for transplants: http://web.lexis-nexis.com/more/ahi/19497/5873367/5


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