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The Good Old Days of MT
Introducing Angie, Chichi308@home.com

I started transcribing in the dark ages; I am a young 60 and holding. When I started transcribing, I had a great big machine in my office and the doctor would give me a round plastic (or some sort of material) that had etchings in it, and I transcribed from that. It wrapped around the part in the machine that actually produced the voice. Then the next type I had was a round type, sort of like a 45 record but real thin and pliable. I typed on a Royal manual typewriter a whole amount of 45 wpm. We had manifold carbon sets and the doctor would tell me to make x number of copies. I would put that number of pages in my typewriter with the original and begin typing away. Then when he would get through he would say, "Oh by the way, could you make an extra copy for so-and-so?"

The dictator would try to make corrections as he went which would notch on the tape or disk, but it did not always come through, so most times you did not know when there were corrections until you got it back from the doctor with his editing. I had a doctor who could never make up his mind what he wanted to say. No matter how many times a document was changed, when I did it again in final he would always find something to change. When he said that, I would have to type the whole document all over again.

Of course, when you made a typo, you had to erase through each carbon copy with a trusty typewriter eraser. The most copies I could make that were legible were 8 at one time, and I really had to bang hard on the typewriter to get that many! So needless to say, we could not do the volume then that we can do now.

When I started out, I worked in a military hospital on a psychiatric ward and did the dictation of all the doctors, nurses and social workers. Looking back on it, I really had fun. That is the reason psychiatry is my favorite; I know it front and back and can almost tell you what they are going to say next. We did medical boards and sanity boards for discharge from the Army. That was in Vietnam days and the census was quite high with a lot of drug abuse; they would be boarded out of the Army due to this.

We were real excited when we got the new IBM selectric. We could really go to town then! I made a whopping $165 per month and thought I was rich!! But after all, I had 2 full weeks of vacation and sick leave and holiday days off, so I really was in high cotton!


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3. New drugs and devices including HeartQuest, Pushita, Lantus, Zonegran, telithromycin, PROTEKT, Invasilaign, DynaLeap, Nuvance, Pelosi technique, Silver-Thera stockings, BTA stat test, Jobskin, etc., at http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/whatsnew New terms added daily.

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28. Featured classified: Philips 4020 Digital Transcription Station. See http://www.mtdaily.com/ads.html

29. Featured want ad: Need a really cheap standard cassette transcriber for school, along with Gregg Reference Manual & Hillcrest Medical Center text for MTs. See http://www.mtdaily.com/wanted.html


1. Nipah virus, from bats to pigs to humans in the Orient and around the world: http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/ap/20000525/hl/new_virus_1.html

2. Curtis hotdogs with Listeria monocytogenes: http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/05-28-2000/0001229694&EDATE=

3. Gulf War Syndrome at 26%: http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/05-31-2000/0001231241&EDATE=

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5. Domestic violence intervention at workplace: http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/05-31-2000/0001231436&EDATE=

6. Neurotherapy, reprogramming brain waves, for ADHD, etc.: http://www.adhd.com.au/Neuro.html

7. MedQuist signs contract to use QWest telephone services for three years: http://www.adhd.com.au/Neuro.html

8. Getting ready for HIPPA: http://www.advanceforhim.com/hihippa.html

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17. How to get off telemarketers' lists: http://www.the-dma.org/consumers/offtelephonelist.html

18. Zotefoam company makes block polyolefin foams, Plastazote, Evazote, and Propozote: http://americas.zotefoams.com/products2.asp

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23. AIDS and confidentiality: http://www.netwalk.com/~catf/Law.htm

24. FDA list of botanical ingredients of concern: http://vm.cfsan.fda.gov/~dms/ds-bot2.html


Sheltered MT Work: I believe there are many experienced MTs who cannot work in a regular fashion because of health problems, chronic pain, complicated medications, breakdowns, life crises, mental illness, and family health problems. Many MTs could return to being somewhat productive if they were given a "sheltered p.r.n." status where they could work whenever they were able without the pressure to meet a minimum standard, with a supportive proofreader. If you fit this category of MT or would be interested in being a supportive sheltering mentor, please write me email.

Peer Review Board: If you have a sharp eye from being in constant editing gear, it's not easy to resist the temptation to publicly edit board postings. As a courtesy, please use the board at http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/typos to report your corrections without mentioning the specific note you are referring to. This helps us all to learn from our common errors but protects people from public embarrassment, and it will keep the atmosphere of the boards more relaxed and friendly. Typos are allowed on MT Daily; direct public corrections of grammar and spelling are not. You can also write the person E-mail with a courteous correction if they leave an address.

Honor System: Courtesy and kindness enable us to more effectively network online. If you see an offensive note that violates the guidelines at http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/deleting.html, please do not post a response. Instead, write us email with the URL of the note. We can delete fewer good posts if we find the rude ones more quickly, due to the way our software works.

No Children by Choice: If you would be interested in this new private board for women who have chosen not to have children, write me email. (We also have a board for women who have not been able to have children. Write me email for info.)

Depression Board: We're starting another private depression board for about 20 more MTs, for mutual support. Write me email for information.

Thanks to David for moving www.mtjobs.com to a faster server this week. And thanks to all who help each other on all the boards, especially the word boards and the technical boards. (And happy birthday to my father-in-law who is 90 today! We are in Sacramento celebrating with about 100 family and friends. See his life story at http://www.morken.com/lifestories/dmorken) Circulation 4,650. -Mary Morken, mary@mtdaily.com, and Lora Payne, lora@mtdaily.com

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Introducing Earl Gable, MT and MTSO

When I was signing up for freshman courses in high school, many of the desired courses were already full. So I had a choice: I could take either horticulture, a three-hour study hall, or typing. I took typing. After my first year, I was the third fastest typist in the school. I began taking more business courses in my sophomore and junior years. My teacher gave me extra attention, and in my senior year she allowed me to teach her fourth-hour class and she would tutor me in my eighth-hour study hall.

During the same year our high school entered the college competition against the area high schools. There were many business competitions, but each competitor was only allowed to enter three. So I entered my strongest fields and won a 3rd place and a 1st place, a first for our school.

I started as an MT at age 19 in 1988 at a small hospital in Sycamore, Illinois, using a simple typewriter and taped dictation, and learning on the job. A nearby clinic was looking for transcriptionists to help increase their turnaround time. I gave them a call, and after having been at the hospital for six months, I took a position with the clinic.

When I began at the clinic they were using typewriters and their turnaround time was 24-36 hours. The administrator indicated to me that he needed a leader in the department. I took the challenge, and after two years, turn-around time was four hours or less and dictation was being done on a computer system that utilized U.S. hardware and Canadian-based software. From what I was told, we were the first clinic to do that.

After my employment there I was asked to work at a transcription company in Aurora, Illinois. My employer was perhaps one of the best salespeople I have ever seen. Our staff could really generate the work and our employer could really keep us busy with new accounts. Over time I became nighttime supervisor, and when the daytime supervisor left, I became supervisor of all the MTs. After four years of working nights, I took a position with dataLogix, soon to be called Transcend.

I worked as a contractor for Transcend in a hospital. After a year of working nights again, I worked on the day shift in their office. On a daily basis I was asked to assist in software configurations and staffing for the numerous accounts they had, making sure I was able to do any account at any time. But I was working too hard and too much, and felt it was time to move on.

I began my own service in April 1996. I began on my own with one client, and six months later acquired another account and an additional IC. We currently have 4-6 regular clients and 8-9 regular ICs working, with 5-6 ICs on call if workload increases too fast. Being an MTSO has allowed me a great deal of flexibility in my overall schedule. I answer to my clients and to my MTs, but I am able to set the tone of my business rather than follow someone else's ways of running a business. The responsibility is greater, i.e. client satisfaction, MT concerns and workload, payroll, etc; however, the money and the satisfaction is greater also.

I am very satisfied with being on my own and my team is doing a wonderful job! They make my job much easier. With a knowledgeable staff who listen to their instructions, transcribe reports with very high quality, and turn it around in a timely fashion, my job is more enjoyment than anything else! If anyone has questions about becoming an MTSO, they are more than welcome to contact me and I would be happy to give assistance.


1. New terms daily at http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/whatsnew including Gonal-F, CORrestore, Pegasys, Vanlev, Nexium, MARstem, Ampakine, LeuTech, vagus nerve stimulation for obesity, Targis Express protocol, Pronova suture, NeuroMate, NovoLog, Atridox, OxiFirst, AvoSure PT self-test, Starlix, RotorloC, Fast-Cath Duo, Vibrant Soundbridge, Micromed DeBakey ventricular assist device, TNKnase, CORrestore, SAVR, Pegasys, Intcs, olizumab, Millenium VG Hawkeye, Octopus 3, ClearView, QuickFlow, and more.

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35. Featured MT classified: Stedman's Abbreviation book, 1992, $20 See http://www.mtdaily.com/ads.html

36. Featured MT want ad: I need a Lanier Voicewriter EX Model LX-219. See http://www.mtdaily.com/wanted.html

37. Featured MT bargain: Stedman's 1998 Electronic Quick Look Drug Book $20 + shipping. See http://www.mtdaily.com/bargain.html

38. Featured general ad: Used Dictaphone C-Phone, $450. See http://www.mtdaily.com/Ads/ads.html

39. Featured general bargain: Earrings: Mexican silver and abalone for pierced ears. Each earring has one drop in the shape of a flower with eight petals. Each petal is a piece of teardrop-shaped abalone, 7/8" long, so the overall diameter of the flower is 1-3/8". They are not heavy; each earring only weighs 0.5 gm. The back of each silver earring is stamped "Mexico." These are lovely and a real bargain at only $10. See http://www.mtdaily.com/generalbargain.html

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1. More of Rodeer bought by L&H. Now L&H has about 1,500 MTs: http://www.lhs.com/news/releases/20000601_healthcare.asp

2. Take this survey about a new kind of drug book for MTs by an MT: http://www.zoomerang.com/survey.zgi?0AQS5GL3QME0QYE2RVX0M5H6

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16. Video of birth of elephant baby: http://zoo.unit.net/e/index.html


While mtjobs.com finishes moving, this address may help: Please excuse the delay in the newsletter; we had no Internet access for seven hours on Friday due to a local phone line being cut. Thanks to all who help each other on all the boards, especially the word boards and the technical boards. Circulation 4,696. -Mary Morken, mary@mtdaily.com, and Lora Payne, lora@mtdaily.com

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A visiting speaker mentioned in his sermon last Sunday that he had just found out he had some serious health problems, and he described some new symptoms experienced that morning. He was confident and relaxed, and he believed in praying for healing, but I was concerned about his need to learn about his conditions, take charge of his own health, and get the best medical care possible.

I took the liberty to tell him this afterwards though I had never met him before, feeling a bit awkward. He graciously received my words. Then I arranged for him to speak to a physician in our family for reinforcement by phone. A few days later, I got a call from his secretary. He had talked with the physician and his own family, and asked for my help to find information on the Internet.

Last night we heard the news that a family member in her 50s, a nurse, was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme, the worst and most aggressive incurable cancer, a brain tumor. We sent flowers after her surgery last week, but I wanted to send her information too because she is not on the web.

So into the night I gathered links on the diagnosis, found newly diagnosed people and 5-year survivors sharing their stories on message boards, and located articles on the radiation and experimental chemotherapy programs her doctors were recommending. Already the physician in our family was involved, and our large extended family was mobilizing to surround her with love, prayers, comfort, and hope for a long rich life, open to the wonder of new medical discoveries and our religious faith in God's healing power.

While she is asking herself, "Why me?" I'm asking, "Why not me?" Of six in-law sibs, I'm the only one who has not yet had cancer.

I found this on a cancer website last night: "If someone in the family has cancer, the family has cancer." Families (and friendship groups) can become healing teams, and being online MTs, we can help our families and friends with research and contacts.

The next time I transcribe a dictation about glioblastoma, I will understand the terminology a lot better. And who knows, perhaps in the future some MTs will earn money doing Internet researching and networking for people.

Cancer support board: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/casupport

Caretakers board: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/caring


1. New terms at http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/whatsnew including Per-Q-Graft, Stelid II pacing lead, Thrombex PMT, Photon DR dual-chamber ICD, InSync ICD, prepulse inhibition test, ELOX, Sprint Quattro, Acolysis probe, Ziggurat tip, TA-CIN vaccination, OsteoGram, and more.

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36. Chocolate lethal for dogs: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/petlovers/messages/4267.html

37. Featured transcription classified: At-Home Professions Transcription course. Includes course booklets, tapes of actual dictation and medical term sheets, $400. I also have for sale: Shortcuts version 2.0 $50, 1996 Quick Look Drug book $10, 1998 Drake/Drake Pharmaceutical word book $15, Stedman's medical dictionary (soft cover) $20, Rice Spellright medical phase book (never used)$20, Corel WP7 (still in box and never used) $100, Stedman's Spellchecker version 4.0 (3 disks with manual) $75 See http://www.mtdaily.com/ads.html

38. Featured transcription bargain ad: Drake & Drake, Pharmaceutical Word Book 1997, Saunders. $12 + shpg. See http://www.mtdaily.com/bargain.html

39. Featured transcription want ad: I would like to buy Instant Text 3.0 and a Stedman's Neuro/Psych book that's not too old. Please contact if you have one. See http://www.mtdaily.com/wanted.html

40. Featured general merchandise ad: My daughter Megan was in a wedding as a Jr. Bridesmaid and she will not be able to use this beautiful Jessica McClintock dress again. Therefore, we'd like to sell it. It originally cost $135 and I'm asking $50 + shipping charges for it. It is size 16, color is periwinkle blue. Postal money orders only. Thanks! See http://www.mtdaily.com/Ads/ads.html

41. Featured General Bargain ad: WordPerfect Office 2000. New, full version includes WordPerfect 9, Quattro Pro spreadsheets, Corel Presentations 9 slide shows and drawings, CorelCENTRAL 9 - personal information management, Trellix 2 desktop web publishing plus multilingual writing tools for French, German, Italian, Spanish and other languages. Adobe AcrobatReader 12,000 + Clipart Images, 1,000 + Fonts, 200 + Photos, Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications, Extensive user's manual on CD-ROM. Never been used, unregistered. I am a WP5.1 user so I simply don't need this. Asking $25. Shipping $3.20 via priority mail. See http://www.mtdaily.com/generalbargain.html


1. Panax Ginseng and Ginkgo biloba improve memory: http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/06-06-2000/0001235963&EDATE=

2. Nursing shortage worsening: http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/20000613/hl/nurses_1.html

3. Walking prevents stroke: http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/20000613/sc/health_stroke_dc_1.html

4. Tooth farms? http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/06-15-2000/0001244545&EDATE=

5. PTH for bone building: http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/06-15-2000/0001244508&EDATE=

6. Delays for organ recipients with type O blood: http://www.MSNBC.com/news/420222.asp

7. Benefits of nursing: Less ear infections, less diarrhea, higher IQ: http://www.MSNBC.com/news/414717.asp

8. Breakthrough with tiny heart pump, Jarvik 2000: http://www.MSNBC.com/news/404054.asp

9. "The Pill" without a prescription: http://my.webmd.com/content/article/1728.58469

10. Mental changes show up before Alzheimer's develops: http://my.webmd.com/content/article/1728.58456

11. Teen girls, dark colas, and osteoporosis: http://my.webmd.com/content/article/1728.58460

12. Overuse of antibacterial products: http://www.cnn.com/2000/HEALTH/06/14/antibacterial.soap02/index.html

13. Placenta substance linked to pre-eclampsia http://www.cnn.com/2000/HEALTH/women/06/15/pregnancy.blood.ap/index.html

14. Find your doctor's license: http://www.cnn.com/2000/TECH/computing/06/14/online.med.credentials.idg/index.html

15. AMA passes guidelines for doctor/patient e-mail: http://www.cnn.com/2000/HEALTH/06/14/medical.email/index.html

16. Dursban pesticide banned: http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/000615/pa_pfizer_.html

17. Crayons and asbestos fibers: http://www.cnn.com/2000/HEALTH/children/06/13/asbestos.crayons.ap/index.hmtl

18. e-DOCS.net MT company developing Internet services for physicians: http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/000605/tx_e_docs_.html

19. Twin study of genetic component in cataracts: http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/20000615/hl/cataracts_2.html

20. Senate submitting bills to deal with medical errors: http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/20000615/hl/senate_errors_1.html

21. Gum disease linked to preterm births: http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/20000615/hl/gums_1.html

22. Another diabetes breakthrough: laboratory-grown insulin-producing beta cells: http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/20000614/hl/diabetes_7.html

23. Anxiety gene: http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/20000614/hl/anxiety_1.html

24. On-line health calculators: http://web.lexis-nexis.com/more/ahi/19495/5956019/1

25. Handling AIDS medical records: http://ahima.org/journal/pb/99.05.html

26. $10 off coupon for Barnes and Noble, good until 19th: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/promo/coupon/partners/dadsday.asp?sourceid=00295644750844142407&bfdate=06-16-2000+19:15:09


I'd like to invite you to post a word of encouragement or a prayer for our recently diagnosed family member at a temporary board we've posted at http://www.morken.com/susan

Urgent need by MTSO: If anyone knows of some used VTI Lanier units for sale or rent, please write me email.

We're looking for more good MT companies and schools to add to our 62 sponsors; write me with your recommendations. Free private company MT boards are available; let me know if your company would like one. See http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors for list of the 34 private boards.

Thanks to all who help each other with kindness on all the boards, especially the word boards and the technical boards. Happy Father's Day to everyone who has a father! Circulation 4,716. -Mary Morken, mary@mtdaily.com, and Lora Payne, lora@mtdaily.com

*******************MT DAILY ROUNDS, 6/23/00********************

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I learned these three words from a book on the three joys of marriage years ago, but I think they apply to work too. They can be seen as three stages: Learning, developing excellence, and problem solving. Or they can be seen as three dimensions of the overall ongoing experience. Some of us like one aspect more than another, but it's smart to develop an enjoyment of each season.

These three words can also apply to our community life on the Internet, and they can help us understand each other and allow for differences that are just a matter of season. Some of us are just now discovering computer communications, some have developed good friendships and alliances, and some have experienced profound learning through networking.

One of the highest fulfillments for me personally in networking with other people is winning someone's friendship after a painful disagreement. I also enjoy mediating between two parties to settle a dispute, helping someone who has been mistreated find a better job, solving a computer problem together, brainstorming about ways we can do our work better, and finding wiser strategies of influence.

We have met each other on MT Daily because we are MTs, MTSOs, MT students, consultants, vendors, company leaders, or industry leaders. But most basically we are people together, fellow travelers for a time, learning by trial and error, and finding we all have the ability to enrich each other! As you peruse the links below, I hope you will enjoy learning something new, perfecting something you already knew, and deepening your understanding in some way, as a person and as an MT. Have a great weekend!


1. New terms at http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/whatsnew including Altropane-spect, Norditropin, Ultrex, Beta-Eeze, BodyMate, Vantex, Glucovance, LiquiBand, Gynazole, LigaSure, HealthShield, nitroimidazopyran, ImmunoCAP, Trivex, bio-artificial liver assist device, Checkmate, abarelix-depot-M and F, Alibra, Revivogen, Esterom, Androsorb, Estrasorb, and more. 2. Documentation for microalbumin: http://www.mtdaily.com/board/messages38/7452.html

3. Profanity in dictation: http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages16/2486.html

4. Selling software license issue: http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages16/2482.html

5. Asking for a raise: http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages16/2602.html

6. Finding stats on MT industry: http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages16/2563.html

7. Saving money working at home: http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages16/2562.html

8. Free keyboard, with ads when online: http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages16/2496.html

9. Looking for actual editors of speech-produced text: http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages16/3121.html

10. Long-distance flat rates: http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages16/3065.html




11. Deadbeat dictators: http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages16/3057.html

12. Learning to reject blame: http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages16/2963.html

13. Self-assessment test: http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages16/2938.html

14. Virus scanners: http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages16/2899.html

15. Father John Doe? http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages16/2876.html

16. Documentation on the word boards: http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages16/3166.html

17. Paddle kit: http://www.mtdaily.com/board/messages39/4679.html

18. Late paychecks: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/ethics/messages/1293.html

19. Noisy modems: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/computers/messages/3784.html

20. Equipment exhibits: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/digital/messages/4016.html

21. TASPs with backups: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/tasps/messages/159.html

22. Heartland given award: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/world/messages/2002.html

23. India MT export tax break: http://www.mtdaily.com/states/india/messages/1348.html

24. Counting spaces makes a difference: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/line/messages/2183.html

25. Most prefer raise to better benefits: http://www.mtdaily.com/surveys/pay/messages/49.html

26. Fast or slow company transcription system? http://www.mtdaily.com/mtbycompany/messages4/6406.html


27. Common errors: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/typos/

28. S-corp question; can you help? http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/taxes/messages/1229.html

29. Diagnosing our fears: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/friends/messages3/7555.html

30. Understanding depression: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/friends/messages3/7478.html

31. Teaching family to clean with drastic measures! http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/friends/messages3/7413.html


32. A special graduation celebration: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/mothers/messages2/498.html

33. Preparing for kindergarten: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/mothers/messages2/406.html

34. The hamster who was swallowed alive: http://www.mtdaily.com/vent/messages5/6477.html


35. Wearing a dental guard for teeth grinding: http://www.mtdaily.com/vent/messages5/6395.html

36. Poem for a mother-in-law: http://www.mtdaily.com/vent/messages5/6272.html

37. Happiest message board: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/cooks/messages/7548.html

38. Wedding punch: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/cooks/messages/7536.html

39. Cornbread and chili: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/cooks/messages/7524.html

40. A pet for a disabled daughter: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/petlovers/messages/4387.html

41. What to charge for babysitting: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/pandora/messages3/961.html

42. What we would have done differently: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/pandora/messages3/833.html

43. The danger of marijuana and alcohol: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/pandora/messages3/704.html

44. Best personality traits of men: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/pandora/messages3/760.html

45. Featured transcription classified ad: Stedman's OB-GYN $25, GI & GU $25. Abbreviations, Acronyms & Symbols $25. Psychiatry $20, Dentistry, $15. Fungi/ICTV Virus/ASP Parasite: All three books for $25. Medical Speller $20. Blackbourne Surgical Recall $20. Ortho $20. All books are in excellent shape as they were hardly used. See http://www.mtdaily.com/ads.html

46. Featured transcription bargain ad: Stedman's Medical Dictionary forWP5.1. Includes the 5-1/4" and 3-1/2" disks, $20. See http://www.mtdaily.com/bargain.html.

47. Featured transcription wanted ad: I am looking for a used book published by Health Professions Institute called "Laboratory/Pathology, Words and Phrases." See http://www.mtdaily.com/wanted.html


1. Migraine registry: http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/06-20-2000/0001247423&EDATE=

2. Subrogation clauses in insurance: http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/06-20-2000/0001247175&EDATE=

3. Calculate your body mass index: http://www.knowyourbmi.com/

4. Pecans lower cholesterol: http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/06-19-2000/0001245936&EDATE=

5. Where do our documents go? http://www.ahima.org/media/flow_patient.html

6. Healthcare industry trends: http://www.ahima.org/journal/features/feature.0005.1.html

7. 30 new diseases in the last 20 years: http://www.twnside.org.sg/title/dise-cn.htm

8. Birth of a new drug takes 15 years: http://www.bms.com/rd/data/birthx.html

9. FDA recalls of faulty devices: http://www.mdiconsultants.com/level1/recallarchive1.htm

10. WHO ranks nations for healthcare: http://www.jsonline.com/alive/ap/jun00/ap-best-health-sys062100.asp

11. AAMT website redone: http://www.aamt.org/

12. Prozac and violence: http://my.webmd.com/content/article/1788.58681

13. Statins' possible role in prevention of osteoporosis: http://my.webmd.com/content/article/1728.58689

14. Use of a skin patch to help ease menstrual cramps: http://my.webmd.com/content/article/1728.58669

15. Promensil for osteoporosis prevention: http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/06-23-2000/0001250778&EDATE=

16. India privatizing insurance: http://biz.yahoo.com/apf/000623/india_us_i.html

17. Poor man's cocaine: http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/ao/20000623/cr/meth_monster_heads_eastward_1.html

18. Half of new AIDS worldwide are women: http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/20000622/hl/aids_women_1.html

19. Sickle cell complications: http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/20000621/hl/sickle_1.html

20. Sperm competition theory: http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/20000620/hl/sex_1.html

21. Korean doctors on strike: http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/20000620/hl/korea_1.html

22. Babies experience different tastes before birth: http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/20000623/hl/food_1.html


Thanks to Smartype for sponsoring today's newsletter. We have a public board for MT supervisors, but if you would be interested in a private board as well, please let me know. There are some wonderfully faithful helpers on the word board. Let's show our thanks for them by name at http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/thanks

. They are mentors-at-large! Using the specialty word boards builds a database for future MTs who are learning new specialties, and keeps the main word board from breaking. Thanks to all who help each other with kindness on all the boards, especially the word boards and the technical boards. Circulation 4,693. -Mary Morken, mary@mtdaily.com, and Lora Payne, lora@mtdaily.com

******************MT DAILY ROUNDS, 6/30/00*****************

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Here's the true story of a Revolutionary War hero, the Swamp Fox, Francis Marion: http://www.thresholds.com/ORG/trees/marion.htm

Have a wonderful weekend and holiday, and don't work too hard!


1. New terms at http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/whatsnew

including OvaRex, OraSure, OraQuick, Fabrazyme, Trugene, Kogenate, Caelyx, ziconotide, Ramoplanin, atrazine, TAPET, RAMP, LACI trial, Lilliput, argatroban, ppan gene, Vasotrax, Beraprost, PneumoSleeve, CoStasis, DynaStat, OpenSail, CrossSail, Cool.click, BioGlue, Carmeda, and more.

2. Private depression boards available for support. Write me email.

3. Slow computer clock? Change battery: http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages16/4464.html

4. Pinging to test connection speed: http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages16/4409.html

5. How to transfer files with pcAnywhere: http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages16/4315.html

6. How to block an email sender: http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages16/4253.html

7. Overworked and learning to say no: http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages16/4156.html

8. Quick study MTs a thing of the past? http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages16/4004.html

9. DSL for faster internet: http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages16/3949.html

10. Deciding how to spend money: http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages16/3655.html

11. Getting out of mtjobs.com: http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages16/3725.html

12. Returning to MT as a widow: http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages16/3690.html

13. Finding medical records in trash: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/ethics/messages/1291.html

14. Tax breaks in India? http://www.mtdaily.com/states/india/messages/1348.html

15. Heartland, AAMT, and India: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/world/messages/2002.html

16. Open session at AAMT? http://www.mtdaily.com/surveys/aamt/messages/291.html

17. Has anybody else had a spinal fusion?: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/beauty/messages/1835.html

18. Cold sore information: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/beauty/messages/1820.html

19. Taking tamoxifen: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/casupport/messages/644.html

20. Rallying around a caretaker: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/caring/messages/59.html

21. Clothing needed: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/exchange/

22. Looking for a good camping recipe for a lot of people: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/cooks/messages/7793.html

23. Congrats to Cello for success with her new weight-loss program: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/winners/messages/3211.html

24. Looking for advice on water aerobics: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/exercise/messages/441.html

25. Using the Nicotrol inhaler for help with stopping smoking: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/smokeout/messages/894.html

26. How to cope with MS: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/fisupport/messages/746.html

27. Welcome to Sandy, one of many new folks on the boards: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/friends/messages3/7752.html

28. Bizzymom checks in during move: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/friends/messages3/7725.html

29. Recommend a summer read: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/hobbies/messages/743.html

30. Removing smells from carpet: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/house/messages/968.html

31. Humor: The world's thinnest books: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/humor/messages/1683.html

32. Looking for other military wives/MTs: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/military/messages/182.html

33. Letting go of adult children: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/teenmoms/messages/509.html

34. Two-year-old kids and puppies: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/mothers/messages2/612.html

35. Comparing savings at the grocery store: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/shop/messages/41.html

36. Ant wars: http://www.mtdaily.com/vent/messages5/7388.html

37. How does your employer keep your morale up?: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/pandora/messages3/1535.html

38. Getting pet ID tags: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/petlovers/messages/4558.html

39. In memory of Paisley: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/prayers/messages/2509.html

40. How to handle the ex's new girlfriend: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/singlemoms/messages/191.html

41. Chrishelle's strawberry pie: http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/cooks/messages/7603.html

42. Thank you notes to the following helpers at http://www.mtdaily.com/mentors/thanks/ Cody, Vicky, Pooky, Paula, chickpea, dustony, ssy, eagle eye, Twiggy, Jonita, nosa, hfy, BWM, PA MT, Ziggy, PC, Connie S, TT, Angela, Scottie, Ross, Andrew, realgraveyardshift, Belinda, and everyone on word board, dermatology board, and caretaker's board, and all of MTDaily. 43. Curiosity about old boyfriends: http://www.mtdaily.com/wwwboard/messages16/4371.html

44. Featured transcription classified: New Stedman's Pathology and Lab, 2nd edition, $25. New Stedman's Medical and Surgical Words, $25. New Stedman's Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Symbols, 2nd edition $25. New Stedman's Medical Dictionary, 27th edition, $35 1998 Lippincott Nursing Drug Guide with unopened quick find computer disc, $15. 1998 Billups American Drug Index, 42nd edition. $10. See http://www.mtdaily.com/ads.html

45. Featured transcription want ad: Reasonably priced generic/clone C-phone that will access variety of digital systems, Dictaphone, Phillips, etc. See http://www.mtdaily.com/wanted.html

46. Featured transcription bargain ad: Stedman's Neurosurgery Words 1st edition for sale. Just bought new one; no longer need this one. $25 includes shippingin U.S. See http://www.mtdaily.com/bargain.html

47. Featured general bargain ad: Surgical scrub pants, five pair, colors teal, cranberry, white, navy, mint green. Size 2x - inseam 25", drawstring waist. Great condition. No one wanted to wear scrubs after purchased where I worked. Asking $25 for all five pair. See http://www.mtdaily.com/generalbargain.html

1. New electronic signature law: http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/20000630/ts/clinton_digital_dc_3.html

2. Further testing for ASCUS results on PAP smears, for HPV: http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/06-23-2000/0001250898&EDATE=

3. 4,627 living organ donors last year: http://www.usatoday.com/life/health/transpla/lhtra038.htm

4. Peanuts contain a phytosterol, beta-sitosterol, prevent cancer and heart disease: http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/06-29-2000/0001255840&EDATE=

5. Benadryl more effective than Claritin: http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/06-29-2000/0001255440&EDATE=

6. Accupuncture, hypnosis, biofeedback, magnets, and massage for healing: http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/06-29-2000/0001255421&EDATE=

7. Research and development of male contraceptive pill: http://web.lexis-nexis.com/more/ahi/19497/6020793/6

8. Can you patent the sun? Medical research and money: http://web.lexis-nexis.com/more/ahi/19497/6020793/13

9. Making a career change: http://web.lexis-nexis.com/more/ahi/19496/6020923/4

10. Philips-MedQuist deal completed: http://biz.yahoo.com/rf/000629/n29212805.html

11. Calories and aging: http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/20000630/hl/brain_4.html

12. Bill gives physicians bargaining power with insurance: http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/20000630/hl/house_doctors_1.html

13. Diabetes and heart disease linked: http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/20000629/hl/diabetes_heart_1.html

14. Iraqi women and children suffering from sanctions: http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/20000629/hl/iraq_1.html

15. Keeping aging process positive: http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/20000628/hl/seniors_1.html

16. Lasers help with in vitro fertilization: http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/20000627/hl/lasers_fertility_1.html

17. Multiple birth genes: http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/20000626/hl/genes_fertility_1.html

18. First CABG with epidural: http://www.post-gazette.com/healthscience/20000624openheart2.asp

19. Copy of Declaration of Independence sold online: http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/xnyap/20000630/lo/declaration_of_independence_1.html

20. Chips implanted to restore sight, 3 weeks to wait: http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/20000630/sc/health_vision_dc_1.html


Thanks to Smartype for sponsoring today's newsletter. Thanks to all who help each other with kindness on all the boards, especially the word boards and the technical boards. Circulation 4,720. -Mary Morken, mary@mtdaily.com, and Lora Payne, lora@mtdaily.com