Regional Pay Rates
Survey Results

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Compiled by Charlene Canchola and Mary Morken, 8/96.

Totals: 98 MTs, 35 states.

Weaknesses of Survey:
-Incomplete information (especially details of expenses and deductions).
-Variety of methods of measuring paid units.
-Lack of designating rural/city/long-distance areas of business.
-Few respondents from many states.
-Select sample of MTs who own computers and are online, cannot represent all MTs in an area.
-Not yet analyzed for long-distance workers.

Key to pay unit:
65-character-equivalent line and hours will be common units of measure, but this will be very roughly estimated due to lack of information (headings, minutes).

-One minute=10 lines.
-Gross line=2/3 of line.
-10 words=one line.
-65 characters=one line.
-One page=40 lines.

Bytes? Bonuses? Differential? Incentive? Overtime? Benefits? Deductions? These are all factors that are not easily categorized.

Totals by Question:

1. Years of experience: Average 9-1/2 years.

2. Location of work: Most employees in office, all ICs at home.

3. Employee or IC: 37% employees, 51% ICs, 12% statutory employees

4. Hours: About 67% full time, 33% part time

5. Taxes: ICs pay self-employment taxes and quarterly payments, statutory employees pay all but half FICA, employees have taxes withheld.

6. Expenses and deductions: ICs and statutory employees carry both with exceptions, employees have none.

7. Benefits: ICs have none, Statutory Employees have none with some exceptions, full-time employees have benefits, part-time have some.

8. Pay: Average by states of employee hourly: $12.
-Average by states of employee line rate: 9c.
-Average by states of statutory employee line rate: 8-1/2c.
-Average by state of IC line rate: 8-1/2c

9. Increase or decrease in pay over last five years:
-Employee: Most MTs have had increase.
-Statutory employee: All increased.
-IC: Most increased.

Totals by State:

Alabama: 2 FT MTs, average 16-1/2 years.
-Emp $13/hr/benefits/differential/unchanged.
-Business owner, 13c/line, paying 7c/line/no benefits/increased.

Alaska: 2 FT MTs, average 17 years.
-Emp $18/hr/benefits/decreased.
-IC 14c/line/no benefits/increased.

Arizona: 2 FT MTs, average 14 years.
-Emp $13/hr/incentive/benefits/decreased.
-Emp $12/hr/benefits/unchanged.

California: 9 FT and 3 PT MTs, average 10 years.
-Emp $13/hr/benefits/unchanged.
-Emp 7c/line/benefits/increased.
-9 ICs 10c/line/no benefits/unchanged.

Colorado: 3 FT MTs, average 14 years.
-Emp $16.50/hr/benefits/increased.
-Stat emp $7/hr/benefits/increased.
-IC 8c/line/no benefits/increased.

Connecticut: 1 FT MT, 6 years.
-IC 8c/line/no benefits/increased.

Delaware: 1 FT MT, 25 years.
-Emp $13.60/hr/differential/benefits/increased.

Florida: 8 FT MTs, average 9 years.
-5 ICs 8.5c/line/no benefits/increased.
-3 Emp 8c/line/benefits/increased, $10/hr/benefits/increased.

Georgia: 2 FT MTs, average 4 years.
-Emp 7c/line/few benefits/increased.
-Emp $10/hr/benefits/increased.

Idaho: 1 PT MT, 1 FT MT, average 12 years.
-2 ICs 8c/line/no benefits/increased.

Illinois: 4 FT MTs, average 10-1/2 years.
-Emp $12/hr/incentive/differential/benefits/increased.
-Emp $12.50/hr/benefits/decreased.
-IC 9c/line/no benefits/increased.
-Stat Emp 6c/line/some benefits/increased.

Iowa: 1 FT MT, 1-1/2 years.
-Emp $8/hr/no benefits/increased.

Kansas: 2 PT MTs, average 3 years.
-Emp $10/hr/no benefits/increased.
-IC 10c/line/no benefits/increased.

Louisiana: 1 FT MT, 10 years.
-IC 12/line/no benefits/increased.
Maine: 1 PT, 1 FT MT, 5 years.
-IC 7.5c/line/no benefits/increased.

Maryland: 3 PT, 1 FT MT, average 7 years.
-3 ICs 7-1/2c/line/no benefits/increased.
-Emp $15.24/hr/benefits/increased

Massachusetts: 1 PT MT, 4 years.
-IC 6-1/2c/line/no benefits/decreased.

Michigan: 1 FT MT, 5 years.
-Emp $12/hr/differential/benefits/increased.

Minnesota: 1 FT MT, 1 year.
-Emp $9.50/hr/differential/benefits/unchanged.

Missouri: 1 PT MT, 9 years.
-IC 14c/line/no benefits/increased.

Montana: 1 PT MT, 3-1/2 years.
-IC 7c/line/no benefits/increased.

New Hampshire: 1 FT, 1 PT MT, 15 years.
-IC 8c/line/no benefits/decreased; Emp $10.50/hr/differential/few benefits/increased.
-Emp 7.5c/line/benefits/increased.

New York: 3 FT MT, average 6-1/2 years.
-IC 8c/line/no benefits/increased.
-SE 9c/line/no benefits/increased.
-Emp $14.40/hr/benefits/increased.

Ohio: 2 FT MTs, average 13 years.
-IC $20/hr/no benefits/unchanged.
-Emp $12/hr/benefits/increased.

Oklahoma: 2 FT MTs, average 5 years.
-IC 5c/line/no benefits/unchanged.
-Emp 9-1/2c/line/benefits/unchanged.

Oregon: 6 FT, 3 PT MT, average 9 years.
-2 Emp $10.65/hour/benefits/increased.
-IC 12c/line/no benefits/unchanged.

Pennsylvania: 2 FT, 2 PT MT, average 8 years.
-Emp $14.25/hr/benefits/increased.
-Stat Emp 11c/line/no benefits/increased.
-IC 10c/line/no benefits/increased.

South Carolina: 3 FT, 1 PT MT, average 7 years.
-Emp $10/hour/benefits/increased.
-ICs 15c/line/no benefits/unchanged.

Tennessee: 1 FT MT, 1 PT MT, 15 years.
-Emp $12.50/hour/benefits/increased.
-IC 11c/line/no benefits/increased.

Texas: 5 FT, 2 PT MT, average 9 years.
-Emp $17/hour/benefits/increased.
-ICs 8c/line/no benefits/unchanged.

Utah: 1 FT MT, 5 years.
-IC 9c/line/no benefits/increased.

Vermont: 1 FT MT, 8 years.
-Emp 13c/line/benefits/unchanged.

Virginia: 2 FT MTs, 15 years.
-2 SE 10c/line/no benefits/increased.

Washington: 9 PT, 2 FT MTs, average 9 years.
-1 Emp $10/hour/benefits/increased.
-5 Emp 6c/line/some benefits/increased.
-3 SE 6c/line/some benefits/increased.
-2 IC 9c/line/no benefits/increased.

Wisconsin: 1 PT MT, 6 years.
-IC 7c/line/no benefits; Emp 10.40/hour/benefits/no change.

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