Searching for Unknown Words

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How to search for an unknown word:
1. Listen to the word several times, then the whole sentence.
2. Back up and listen just for the first sound. Consider any silent letter at the beginning like p (ptosis), t, c or g.
3. With the first sound and the medical speciality, check a dictionary by speciality.
4. Consider all the possible vowels and vowel combinations.
5. In the context, determine if it a medical term, common term or proper name.
6. Look up the word by category, eg., disease, syndrome, phenomenon, sign, muscle, bone, nerve, etc.
7. Mark the blank and finish the document to see if the word is repeated.
8. Use the "Look up" function of spellchecker, using * for wild card for unknown parts of the word.
9. Scan the supplemental dictionary list.
10. Look at other reports from that dictator of the same type. You can use the search command in Windows, or the Find command in WP 5.1 to locate.
11. Ask a friend, if available, to listen, or mark for proofreader, if available.
12. Take a break and get away from the computer. Come back to listen to the word again.
13. Search the web search engines and medical web sites.
14. Post a question to the Word Board or other forum.
15. When you find the word, write it in a dictionary by phonetic first sound so it will be easier to find next time.
16. If you cannot find the word, do not enter a guess. Leave a blank.

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